An omelette that actually looks like an omelette? Hurray!

I can not believe this day has finally arrived.  I have created a mushroom and onion omelette that actually resembles an omelette! If you’ve been reading my other posts you now know that I openly admit that I am absolutely atrocious at making omelettes (I make brilliant scrambled eggs though!).  Until TODAY.  Today I made an omelette that was cooked through, flipped almost perfectly AND tasted good.  I would not credit this development to a new super-kitchen-power though.  I believe it has everything to do with the antique omelette maker that my Mom keeps in the kitchen.  IT is the one with super-powers!  For those of you that are more skilled than I (and I’m sure that means most of you!) feel free to continue making perfect omelettes without the aid of a special tool…


  • 3/4 cup sliced mushrooms – $0.40
  • 1/4-1/2 cup diced onion – $0.20
  • 4 eggs – $1.00 total
  • 4 tbsp milk
  • pinch of salt and pepper
  • 1/4-1/2 cup grated cheese (cheddar is preferable although we used marble) – $0.50


  1. Prepare your veggies.  Cook up with a little butter in a small fry-pan over medium heat.  Make sure that they still have a little crunch to them because they will continue to be cooked in your omelette.
  2. Beat your eggs, milk, salt and pepper.
  3. Gently stir in your cooked veggies into the eggs mixture.  Put your “special” pan (whichever one it may be) over medium-low heat and toss in a little butter.  In my case I poured equal amounts of the egg mixture into each side.  As the omelette cooks gently lift the sides to allow the uncooked mixture to get under there.
  4. Once your omelette is almost completely cooked sprinkle on your cheese.  I flipped my pan closed and allowed it to cook a few minutes longer.
  5. Once done, remove from heat and serve with some fruit and maybe toast if you feel like it!
Egg mixture and pre-cooked veggies:

Beginning of the omelette cooking adventure:

Cheese added. Getting ready to flip…

Almost finished cooking. This is when the magic happens…

Serve it up!

Total Cost: The total cost of this yummy omelette is $2.30 including partials.  This size of omelette is best split between two people (my brother timed his appearance in the kitchen perfectly to receive half of this breakfast).  Per plate you’re looking at a cost of $1.15.  What a great way to start your day!


  • If you do happen to struggle with omelette-making (like me!) then maybe consider looking into a pan like this…or not making omelettes?
  • Contrary to popular belief YOU DO NOT NEED A WHISK TO BEAT MOST INGREDIENTS. Just use a fork!

2 responses to “An omelette that actually looks like an omelette? Hurray!

  1. My omelettes are so flat they look like pancakes but yours looks…well, like an omelette.

    • thesavvystudent

      I’m telling you…its all the super-omelette pan. Usually my omelettes look like scrambled eggs…actually, they don’t just look like scrambled eggs, they are scrambled eggs!

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